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Executive Coaching

Our understanding of executive coaching

We support both company executives and top candidates in the development and establishment of modern leadership styles and methods, and help to build corporate cultures that are oriented towards success, sustainability and social benefit.

Added value of executive coaching and success parameters

Effective coaching improves companies’ ability to reflect and act. It helps to comprehensively and objectively assess leadership contexts and your own leadership style, to dissolve blockages, to eliminate inefficiencies in team structures and to increase motivation and integration. Coaching projects therefore have a significant and measurable impact on a company’s performance.

Project structure of LAB

Coaching at LAB is used in different areas:
"With coaching as preparation for the search of a non-family board member, LAB contributed to a really successful appointment." - Feedback of a LAB client from a medium-sized company
"The coaching approach helped to resolve a somewhat muddled situation among the shareholders. This paved the way for a smooth company succession planning." Feedback of a LAB client from a medium-sized company

Typical preparation work

A preliminary meeting is held with client and coachee. In order to have any chance of success, both parties must accept the coach. The contents of the coaching are to be treated as strictly confidential. Details are never released to the company.

Executive coaching and globalisation

Globalisation confronts managers with high social, organisational and procedural complexity. Professional coaching makes a decisive contribution to enabling effective leadership in dynamic, cross-cultural structures, minimising the effects of attrition and strengthening organisation-wide commitment.

Executive coaching and digitisation

Digitisation is not only changing the business models and success parameters of companies. At the same time, it is also strongly influencing management principles, forms of work (new work) and motivation systems in the organisation. This change represents a great challenge for managers in all areas, which cannot be addressed based solely on the usual methods, behavioural patterns and experiences. With this backdrop, coaching is pivotal for a successful transformation and can encourage more openness and willingness to change as well as reduce fears and blockages.
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Laden Sie sich die Public Pay Studie herunter.