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Transport, logistics & infrastructure

“As long as there are people and things, they will have to be promoted. The question is how? The answer not only decides who will lead the mobility and logistics industry in the future, but in what world we will live – and how.”

Whether digital track networks, autonomously driving HGVs or the connection of different mobility concepts, there are plenty of exciting goals and positions in the labour market for mobility professionals. LAB’s transport, logistics & infrastructure practice knows the challenges in this sector, which is development-orientated, globalised and, at the same time, characterised by regional particularities. Through us, you will find the right decision-makers to build consistent value networks or to steer them precisely to a new level of performance – regardless of whether you are a regional public transportation, national railway transportation or international cargo company.

“We are looking for talented hurdlers for a world full of obstacles“

LAB Impact

Smart Infrastructures

LAB Experience

Top management human resources consultancy for transport, logistics & infrastructure

The consultants of transport, logistics & infrastructure at LAB & Company will show you which (management) teams take care of reliable processes with “smart” infrastructures. Within this sector, we successfully complete 20 to 40 projects to locate and select first to third level managers on an annual basis.

„How much sharing can humans manage?“

Our clients work especially in the following areas:

  • Public transportation
  • Railway transportation
  • Transport associations/organisations
  • Railway companies
  • Railway infrastructure companies
  • Railway logistics/rail cargo
  • Vehicle logistics
  • Airport operating companies
  • Port industries/cargo
  • Transport/logistics providers
  • (Energy) grid operators
  • Project developers
  • Investors

In addition to Executive Search, our team also helps you to check the performance of your management team and to develop their potential on a continuous basis. For many of our clients, these Management Audits are already an indispensable component of their HR and performance strategy in the areas of transport, logistics and infrastructure.

„If cities are smart, are villages stupid?“

Via the global executive search network Penrhyn International, we offer you, in addition, excellent access to top-level candidates in more than 40 industrial centres on five continents. Our mandates include search, coaching and management audit services for all needs and special topics, including:

  • Board, supervisory and advisory board
  • Human resources
  • Finance & controlling
  • IT/digitalisation
  • Operations/production
  • Strategy & risk management
  • Infrastructure
  • Sales, marketing & communication
  • Quality
  • Fleet and vehicle pool management

Here you can learn more about our services in Executive Search, Executive Coaching and Management Audit.