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Technology, Media & Telecommunications

“Many industries are affected by digital transformation – but only a few are digital transformation itself. This applies, in particular, to information technology, telecommunications and media.”

There is an essential difference as to whether a person reacts to a profound disruption or forms the core of this disruption itself. Every aspect of digital transformation is primarily driven by fundamental innovations in high-tech industries. Whether cloud computing and the Internet of Things, online platforms and streaming services, artificial intelligence and blockchain, 5G and smart home: it is the TMT industries that ensure that our world continues to change dramatically. Companies in these markets, therefore, have very special requirements for success.

“How do you build a stable culture within permanent disruption?”

They must act very quickly and flexibly, have an extremely large capacity for innovation and strength of implementation, an affinity for high risks and a tolerance of uncertainty and be able to effectively retain a large number of particularly talented experts. Traditional, linear and hierarchical organisational forms cannot meet this requirement. Neither can leadership philosophies and management techniques from the pre-digital era.

“Our horizon is where technology, performance and creativity meet.”

This starting position makes the task of finding a powerful team of managers and experts to offer long-term success for companies from the TMT industries particularly complex. The LAB TMT practice does not only lend its support to companies when it comes to finding the right candidates. In an industry that is the driver of disruptive developments, we help to answer the challenging question of which personalities are needed to successfully survey previously uncharted territory.

LAB Impact

Age of Connectivity

LAB Experience

Top Management human resources consultancy for the Technology, Media & Telecommunications industry

The Technology, Media & Telecommunications practice of LAB & Company has long-standing customer relationships with global players in the high-tech industry, particularly in the areas of software, e-commerce and mobile communications. We fill positions with highly qualified employees who ensure the necessary innovative strength in an increasingly competitive environment and in global value-creation networks. Our clients include companies from the following areas:

  • Telecommunications
  • Information technology sw/hw
  • Media & entertainment
  • IT services
  • E-commerce
  • E-mobility
  • Smart home & smart grid
  • Security software
  • Telecom operators
  • System integration

“We are not searching for someone who can withstand the storm – we search for personalities to ride the storm.”

Through the global executive search network Penrhyn International, LAB’s TMT practice also provides you with first-class access to top-class candidates in more than 40 business centres on five continents. Our mandates cover search, coaching and management auditing services for every role and every kind of subject matter, including:

  • Executive board, supervisory board and advisory board
  • Innovation, research & development
  • Purchasing, logistics and supply chain management
  • IT / digitisation
  • Marketing
  • Network management (including telecommunications/communications engineering)
  • New business fields (smart city technologies, e-mobility, energy supply, etc.)

Here you can learn more about our services in Executive Search, Executive Coaching and Management Audit.

LAB Team

Our Consultants for the Technology, Media & Telecommunications industry