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Public Sector

“Public companies are to be managed in the same way as private companies – or are they not? The slightly different challenge for managers…”

Citizens are far more than customers and the federal government, states and municipalities far more than shareholders. The requirements placed on managers and supervisory bodies in public companies are correspondingly demanding and broadly diversified. The challenge here is to master the balancing act between economic success and public service. At the same time, the balance between efficient processes and compromise-oriented dialogue with all relevant stakeholders must be maintained. And beyond that, to consider and justify the social, political and legal consequences of far-reaching decisions – far more so than in the free economy. An executive in the public sector must, therefore, manoeuvre confidently between numerous areas of tension and master the art of developing feasible visions.

“How do our metropolises remain worth living in and affordable?

Whether at the municipal level or the realisation of Smart Cities, for comprehensive initiatives or the filling of key positions in scientific institutions: LAB Public Sector Practice has extensive experience in these. We have been a successful service provider in filling executive and expert positions in the public sector, a moderator of critical personnel processes and sparring partner in strategic personnel decisions for more than 15 years.

“Who will provide for equal living conditions in the countryside?”

LAB Impact

Growth for city and country


LAB Experience

Top management personnel consulting in the public sector field

Since its foundation in 2002, LAB & Company has been familiar with the special requirements of search mandates in the public sector. The team of LAB Public Sector Practice works closely with decision-makers from politics and administration, understands their motivational situation and identifies itself with the overriding goals of its clients.

“How transparent do we have to be?”

Our customer network includes almost all relevant institutions and companies at municipal, state and federal level:

  • Municipal utilities/energy suppliers
  • Water supply and disposal companies
  • Public transport companies
  • Railway operating companies
  • Railway infrastructure companies
  • Transport associations
  • Customer/task organisations
  • Waste management and disposal companies
  • Housing associations
  • Airport operators
  • Exhibition corporations
  • Higher education institutions
  • Savings banks
  • Business development agencies

“(Artificially) Intelligent and human – a contradiction?”

We have also developed further focal points in these areas:

  • Administrative boards of municipalities
  • Managing directors of chambers
  • Heads of state and federal authorities
  • Managing directors of special purpose associations
  • Managing directors of associations

“Can municipal utilities be drivers of innovation?”

A large part of these searches have more of a national connection, but there is (increasing) internationalisation in this area as well. Through the global executive search network Penrhyn International, we can provide you with first-class access to elite candidates in more than 40 business centres on five continents in these cases. Our mandates cover search, coaching and management auditing services for every role and every kind of subject matter:

  • Board of directors, management
  • Supervisory board/advisory board
  • Administration management
  • Sales & marketing
  • Technology/production
  • Central commercial functions
  • Purchasing, logistics and supply chain management
  • HR/personnel resources
  • Finances
  • IT/digitisation
  • Facility management
  • Risk management
  • Fleet management
  • Multi-project management
  • Stakeholder management

Here you can learn more about our services in Executive Search, Executive Coaching and Management Audit.

LAB Team

Our consultants for the Public Sector