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Historian, M.A.

Dr. Andrea Schulze-Moews, Partner, has been with LAB & Company in Munich since 2008. After working on international projects with academic and diplomatic institutions from 1994 to 1999, she began her career as a human resources consultant at a renowned executive search company in 2000.


In the LAB Life Sciences Practice, Dr. Schulze-Moews primarily advises medical technology and biotechnology companies seeking to fill management positions. Her focus here is on medical and research roles and increasingly on strategic roles in the industry’s future-orientated fields such as telemedicine, digital health, and health services & solutions. Last but not least, she works on special “custom-made” topics – such as the setup of entire teams in innovation areas.

As a member of the LAB Professional Services Practice, Dr. Schulze-Moews advises strategy and management consultancies when hiring experienced personnel in the fields of operations, lean, SCM, IoT, digital factory, big data, data sciences, etc.

Thanks to working  in two focus areas which intersect, she has an excellent network in life sciences/healthcare consulting.

Dr. Schulze-Moews is also a certified coach in personal development and mindfulness in management according to the guidelines of the DBVC (German Coaching Association).

She is interested in working with people in all their different facets, as well as in languages and literature. She especially loves horses and dogs.

Andrea Schulze-Moews is certified to deploy Hogan Assessment Systems.

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