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The LAB – Candidate Portal

Welcome to the newly designed candidate portal of LAB & Company!

Here, you can quickly clarify and initiate all career-related matters with our company without using paper. It goes without saying that our processes are consistently aligned with the regulations of the GDPR.

Basically, four options are available to you for the next steps on our candidate portal:

As a proactive candidate (gn), you are proactively searching for a new professional challenge.

Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you want to talk to executive search consultants in order to prepare for a career move in the medium to long term?

We are pleased to offer you a unique opportunity to position your data in this way – specifically and always under your own control.

Together with our partner NAL (Not Actively Looking), we have developed a unique online platform over the last three years. Here, you can introduce yourself to a selection of executive search consultants you have chosen. No one, except yourself and the consultants you select, can access the information in your profile. Unlike professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Xing, NAL is only open to executives. In addition, no company has access to the platform and the profiles available there. Other executives will not be able to see your profile either. The data servers used in Europe also meet the highest security standards.

NAL is an exclusive community of executives, and you alone are responsible for the up-to-dateness and validity of your data. The consultants you have selected can be changed at any time, and you can select up to three consultants free of charge. If you want to expand your selection to more than three consultants, premium membership is open to you. Please see the NAL website for the price-performance ratio.

Candidates who reach NAL via our homepage are offered a six-month discount on premium membership. The link to LAB & Company is preset.

NAL will continue to develop further services for executives, which will make future premium membership even more interesting.

Continue to NAL

We have sent you a link by e-mail and you have been asked to use our candidate portal directly.

Please acknowledge our Confidentiality Agreement by “clicking”. This gives you access to the specification of the consulting project, unless you have already done so by other means.

The next step is to “click” on the data protection field, with which you acknowledge our data protection regulations. Only then can you upload your data/CV.

The staff member responsible for the project will approach you directly for further steps.

Please use the link provided to proceed.

You want to work in the LAB & Company team and are interested in a task as:

i.  Assistant staff member (gn),
ii. Research staff member (gn),
iii. Consultant/partner (gn),
iv. Working student/internship student (gn).

Are you interested in career paths at LAB & Company? Would you like to get to know the varied world of executive search consulting better? Do you want to become active in a profession that is undergoing an exciting and far-reaching process of change, not least due to digitisation? As “Consultant/Partner (gn)”, do you want to participate in the further development of LAB and, perhaps, also assume entrepreneurial responsibility?

If so, then please fill out the form below and tick the box for the position in which you would like to join LAB & Company. By “clicking” on the data protection field, you acknowledge our data protection regulations, and only then will you be able to upload your data/CV.

We look forward to receiving your information, and will contact you directly for all further steps!

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Laden Sie sich die Public Pay Studie herunter.

Laden Sie sich die Public Pay Studie herunter.